Ejection-fall: my favourite mechanic in Titanfall 2

I can confidently say that Titanfall 2 is one of the best FPS campaigns that I have ever played – from the way that the traversal feels, to the bond you form with BT over the course of the seven or so hours that it takes you to complete the story, to the way that the guns feel as you pull the trigger – I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. However, interestingly, the best mechanic is not found anywhere in the campaign. No, this is reserved exclusively for the multiplayer.

For story purposes you and your Titan, BT-7274, are inseparable. If BT falls, so do you. In multiplayer, however, Titan’s are more disposable by nature. As a round progresses you will eventually score enough points to be able to call in your own Titan to embark on your own unstoppable barrage of destruction against the opposing team. As you take on damage from opposing Titans, however, there will come a point where your Titan is dangerously close to blowing up and a prompt will appear for you to eject. Three presses of square – on PS4, other buttons to your liking are available – in quick succession is all that is required to slap that eject button and fire you vertically out of your Titan just in the nick of time.

Whilst avoiding an imminent explosion is one aspect of why the eject mechanic is incredibly enjoyable in Titanfall 2 the game gives you ways to make it even more satisfying. The “Nuke Eject” perk is one way that you can customise your Titan to your liking and does exactly as you might expect. Quite often you can ensure mutual destruction by strategically placing an attacking Titan within the imminent blast zone of your own personal, some would say spiteful, nuke. Even better, you might catch one or two unsuspecting pilots as they pass by. However, my absolute favourite and arguably the most impressive way to take someone out using an eject, is to do it mid-air. Pilots (real-life players) can mount your Titan at any point in the game in an attempt to rip out a battery. Doing so drains your Titan of some of its HP and gives them the ability to climb onboard a friendly Titan and give them a quick boost. Whilst the game offers you some counter measures to deal with this annoyance, hit that eject button, and as your opponent is panicking trying to make sense of why they are being shot towards the sky, aim down your sight and finish the job.

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